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Mini Twine Gift Set-Nutscene Mini Twines collection

Mini Twine Gift Set-Nutscene Mini Twines collection

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The ideal present or stocking filler for Twine lovers with is ultimate taster collection of quality Nutscene® Twines.  This gift set is handy for use in the garden, hobbies or the kitchen.

The set comes packaged with 8 mini Twine Spools, that we love to call "Tiddlers" which come in 15 colour varieties. (Scissors are not included)

Each spool contains 13m of quality 3ply Jute Twine, hand spooled in our factory and hand wrapped.

Colours may vary per mini Twines box, no colour will be replicated in any pack.

Nutscene still wind their twines on the same machinery first used by them in 1922.  Not only is Nutscene twine biodegradable but Nutscene’s materials have been sourced from renewable resources for almost 100 years.

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